"I can do everything through Him that gives me strength"

-Phil. 4:13

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Family Fun Day

Family fun day has a carnival atmosphere, with fun for everyone! Staffed by Royston Baptist Church members, Family Fun Day is a free event which includes games and activities, snacks and lunch, musical guests, prize giveaways, a puppet show, and a few live animals!

To promote awareness of disability issues and the need for inclusion in the community, we invite everyone to join us, and attendance grows every year.

Community agencies and organizations are invited to share information with families, and many families have learned about resources available to help their children with special needs throuth this project.

Held annually on a Saturday in late September, Family Fun Day continues to be one of CSP's most popular events.Family Fun Day

Christmas Party

During the month of December we invite Santa and CSP kids and their families to a weeknight party to open the Christmas season!

A snack supper is held, followed by caroling at the piano and the Christmas Story by the fire with the Pastor of Royston Baptist Church.

Sleigh bells jingle... and then Santa appears to talk to each child in attendance and give him or her a special gift. Photos are taken and sent to families via email.

Christmas Party

Summer Social

At the lake home of our founder, Jean Davison, our summer social is great fun in the sun! (Or inside where it's cool if necessary!)

Families bring dishes to share and we catch up on each others' lives in the peaceful waterfront setting.

Valentine's Dinner

A real sit-down dinner. With real silverware. And candles. And quiet conversation with no distractions. Obviously Adults Only! (Childcare is provided.)

Share Groups

Facilitated by CSP officers, Share Groups meet the needs of many families who want to talk about the successes and the struggles of having a child with a disaiblity. Topics vary, and meeting times are arranged to meet the needs of the most members.

Vacation Bible School

Specially trained volunteers will accompany your child to the regular VBS classes. Specific learning or behavioral needs are addressed through individual planning.


Telephone and Email Friends

Since we are limited in how often we get together in person, CSP members support each other through telephone and email. A listening ear is never more than a ring - or a click! - away!

Guest Presenters, Workshops, and Forums

CSP hosts meetings and trainings for members and others who are interested in a variety of topics that impact families who have children with special needs. Past programs have included:

  • Financial Planning
  • Individualized Education Plans
  • Medicaid
  • Communication Strategies
  • Independent Community Living
  • State Budget / Disability Services
  • Stress Management

See our Calendar for upcoming events.

Guest presentations

Community Fairs and Expos

CSP travels to community fairs and expos to share information. We have display boards about our children's lives, brochures about CSP, and lots of photos to share!

See our calendar for upcoming events.

Community Expos Fair

Mark your Calendar

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Coming together to create a better world for our children with disabilities

  • Meeting with Political Leaders - CSP invited local legislators to attend meetings and hosted a "meet-and-greet" with the wife of our lieutenant governor.
  • Disability Day at the Capitol - CSP members jooin this annual event sponsored by the Governor's Council on Developmental Disailities which brings together advocates from all over the state to meet legislators.
  • Medicaid Forum - CSP brought together families, state Medicaid officials, and local partners to discuss Medicaid issues.
  • Healthcare for Kids Rally - braving record-breaking cold temperatures and carrying signs, CSP members travelled to Atlanta to support the Healthcare Rally
  • Letter-Writing Campaign - When legislators considred cuts to Medicaid programs and other services for individuals with disabilities, CSP members launched a letter writing campaign to explain how this would have a negative impact and offer better solutions to the problem.