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Russell Padgett
(no photo)

Birthday: 1/26/92

Uniqueness: Autism, ADHD, learning disabilities. He loves games (game show network), and wrestling (WWE). He is gifted with chess and playing pool. Excellent memory, loves a good competition, motivated to win. Great sense of humor!



Brayden Crawford
Brayden Crawford

Birthday: 2/6/04


Ajay Jeremaih Ramsey
(no photo)

Birthday: 2/15/00


Callie Moore
(no photo)

Birthday: 2/28/95

Uniqueness: quadriplegic cp, medically fragile

Talent Ability: Callie has a smile that lights up a room and an uncanny ability to know when others need encouragement. Her patience and "Can Do" attitude have helped her learn to communicate better
with others--Callie has a lot to tell us!

Kameron McClary
(no photo)

Birthday: 2/29/00

Uniqueness: Kameron is a very social child. He has been know to spread joy and bring cheer to any "cloudy day".

Talent Ability: Kameron can sing, and the talent he is most proud of is his ability to tell jokes. Although he gives the punch line away too soon, his delivery is hilarious.


Daniel Barrett

Birthday: 3/10/98

Uniqueness: Very sweet to others always seems to know when someone
needs a kind touch

Dakota Baty
Dakota Baty

Birthday: 3/22/05

Uniqueness: Dakota has complex 1 mitochandria disease. This causes a seizure disorder for him. He also has developmental delays, etc. as a result of the disease.

Talent Ability: Dakota is our "smily man" that can light up a room with his giggles. He's a show stopper with his dancing!



Adams Repasky
(no photo)

Birthday: 4/19/03

Uniqueness: XXY, multiple chromosome abnormalities, hearing loss, vision problems, and possible submucosal cleft palate


Jarred Smith
Jarred Smith

Birthday: 4/27/05

Uniqueness: autistic

Talent Ability: He loves music and he loves to dance. He can jump for hours on a trampoline. He is starting to play the keyboard also.



Emily Naomi Ramsey
(no photo)

Birthday: 6/8/98




Helen Litchfield
(no photo)

Birthday: 8/1/05

Uniqueness: Partial Agenisis of the Corpus Collossum, Watershed injury of the frontal lobe, asthma

Helen has a smile that you can't help but smile back at, loves school, is very sensitive to others needs, and is a very sweet little girl

Keifer Reynolds

Birthday: 8/20/89

Talent Ability: Keifer loves not only the Ga. bulldogs but loves a good joke as well.  When you least expect him to be listening....watch out....he will be caught laughing at that joke!!



Noah Adams
(no photo)

Birthday: 10/13/00

Uniqueness: Noah has Asperger's syndrome, ADHD, hypotonia, and affective disorder.

Talent Ability: Noah is very smart and loves outer space and video games. He recently wrote a letter to NASA HQ and they sent him some great space pictures


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